Brunton Ave, Richmond VIC 3002

The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), also known simply as "The G", is an Australian sports stadium located in Yarra Park, Melbourne, Victoria. Home to the Melbourne Cricket Club, it is the 10th-largest stadium in the world, the largest in Australia, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, the largest cricket ground by capacity, and has the tallest light towers of any sporting venue. The MCG is within walking distance of the city centre and is served by the Richmond railway station, Richmond, and the Jolimont railway station, East Melbourne. It is part of the Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Precinct.

The MCG is easily accessible by public transport, including trains, trams, buses and taxis.  Secure car parking is available and currently costs $10 per vehicle. Please note that, in an effort to improve safety in the park, pedestrians are given priority in Yarra Park when exiting MCG events.


Nothing can match the tradition and heritage of the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Explore the inner sanctum of the MCG, walk on the hallowed arena and experience where legends play by taking a guided MCG tour!

Gain an insight into Melbourne's sporting culture while exploring one of the world's most iconic stadiums, as you hear from our proud MCC volunteers and go behind the scenes of the 'G.

Highlights of this must-see tour include:

·       The famous MCC Long Room

·       MCC Library (founded in 1873)

·       MCG Tapestry

·       Player change rooms

·       Cricketers’ viewing room

·       Ron Casey Media Centre

·       Portrait of Sir Donald Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar

·       A walk on the arena

·       Cricket Victoria Bill Lawry Centre

·       Ponsford Stand

·       City Terrace with view’s of Melbourne’s skyline.

More tour news coming soon....