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Melanie Davern (Aus)

Speaker Profile

Dr Melanie Davern

Senior Research Fellow and Co-Director Healthy Liveable Cities Group, Centre for Urban Research, RMIT University, Melbourne and Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne, Australia.


Abstract Title

What are the benefits of parks and greenspaces and why are they essential to building healthy and liveable cities in the future?



Urbanisation is occurring rapidly within Australian cities and internationally. Here in Australia, over 80% of our population lives in major cities and our population is expected to increase rapidly from 24 million to 70 million by the turn of the century. Urbanisation and increasing population densities mean that we need a radical shift in thinking about how we plan, share and maintain greenspaces in the future and an intersectoral approach to support greater awareness of the health and wellbeing benefits provided to society.