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The changing focus from urban parks to metro landscapes

Speaker Name


Johan Vlug, Entente Florale (Netherlands)


Speaker Profile


Former lecturer in design at Van Hall-Larenstein and coordinator of the landscape architecture and garden architecture majors. He worked for landscape architecture firm Arcadis and Staatsbosbeheer on the IJsselmeer polders. Until recently recently he was the co-owner of the Amsterdam design practice VLUGP. He operates as one of the chairmen for the Dutch Department of Entente Florale.


Abstract title


The changing focus from urban parks to metropolitan landscapes




About the strategic, structural position of the green space in the developing metropolitan area of Amsterdam.

The nineteenth and twentieth century has resulted in a whole series of city parks in which many people recreate and enjoy: Vondelpark, Westerpark, Oosterpark, Rembrandtpark, Sloterpark, etc. 

The urban model of the finger city principle makes that the landscapes of the urban fringes of Amsterdam are still quite reachable from the centre of the city. Due to the ongoing growth and intensification of the city the infrastructure around the city is increasing and the facilities for water management and water storage are also requiring more space. Partly due to the fragmentation of the green wedges, the economic-agricultural functions disappear from the surrounding green areas. The Amsterdam area is changing from a centric city to a network city in relation with the extensions of the towns in the region.