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Pesticide-Free Cities Trend

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Caroline Gutleben and Pauline Laille, Plante and Cite (France)


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Caroline has a five year degree from the French National Institute of Landscape and Horticulture. She worked at the construction of "Plante & City", the french technical center for landscape and nature in cities, in order to carry out projects on urban greening issues for local goverments and professionals. She is now in responsibility of the scientific and financial direction.

Pauline graduated as an agronomist specialized in environmental sciences from the National School for Agronomy and Food Science of Nancy, France, in 2009. At Plante & Cité for 8 years, she now manages projects in economy and management. Her field of work stretches from tools and indicators for open space management to urban nature’s valuation and benefits.


Abstract title


The pesticide-free cities trend : creative ways to healthier landscapes




Most cities face environmental issues that are both complex and hard struggle. Locally, green space managers can play a positive role to spare and enhance biodiversity and public health.

Over the last 15 years, consideration to stop pesticide use in public space has spread among french cities. Pionneers faced many challenges to make this idea a reality. To get rid of these strong habits, cities have worked on alternatives and biocontrol solutions. Many research supported this trend. But after so many years with “zero weed” as a standard, the main challenge was, and still is, social acceptance of unwanted plants. Hundreds of cities experiences taught us that the change of perception is a key for long term effects.

These new sustainable practices have other benefits. Cities stakeholders must re-design public space to consider ecological services and to offer inhabitants a new urbanism from “parks in city” to “city within parks”.