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Go Clubs: Ensuring a sustainable future for grass roots sport

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Matt Smith, Cairns Regional Council (AUS)


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Matt Smith is a former Advisor at the QLD Sport and Rec services, Coordinator of Sport and Rec at Tablelands Regional Council and current Club Development Officer at Cairns Regional Council. Prior to entering the industry Matt played in the NBL, leading the league in Field Goal percentage in 2007.


Abstract title


Go Clubs: Ensuring a sustainable future for grass roots sport




LGA’s are the frontline for the provision of sporting infrastructure. Theses spaces are generally leased to local NFP sporting groups to run and maintain. Increasing time pressure has created a trend where the running of a facility and club is falling to a dwindling number of people.
Go Clubs is an online based solution that is designed to support and guide clubs in their day to day operation while encouraging best practice for governance and facility maintenance all delivered through an electronic accreditation program. 
As Clubs advance through Go Clubs they are given access to more sophisticated tools for the development of their club; built into the accreditation program is a reward system encouraging clubs to participate and advance through the levels.
The information garnered by Go Clubs is then used by Council to identify trends and create a proactive response to supporting the regions clubs and facilities.