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Future Urban Parks Report

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Vienna Spence, Husqvarna (AUS)


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Future Urban Parks Report




As things around us are moving at an ever increasing speed, some factors remain the same. No matter if it’s 1930 or 2030 the grass will grow and trees and bushes will need maintenance, but how it is done can impact people as well as nature. So what will the urban park look like in 2030? This is what Husqvarna asked 533 landscaping architect students in 15 countries, representing 60 universities to compile its global report.


The report explores how parks in large cities will look, function, be used and maintained

in the year of 2030. The focus is on three macro trends that are shaping our future:

urbanization, the digital and technological revolution, and the environmental challenges

that urban areas face.


The survey results point to the growth of green spaces in urban areas in size and importance, maintained with the support of sensors, robotics, drones and citizens.