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Enjoy nature, stay in the city



Liav Shalem, Ganey Yehosha Company (Israel)


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Mr. Oved Kone currently serves as the CEO of Ganey Yehosha Company – Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality. He is the manager of the largest metropolitan park in Israel.

He holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy. Previously, he served as CEO in several municipalities, also had taken on several managing positions in Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality.

Mr. Liav Shalem - The ecologist of Ganey Yehosha Company and an ecological consultant to Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality. Additionally, he established an independent business in landscape architecture and ecological consulting.
Mr. Shalem holds a B.A. in landscape architecture from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, and M.A. in environmental studies in TAU


Abstract title


Enjoy nature, stay in the city – managing ecology and natural resources in the metropolitan park




Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality and Ganey Yehosha Company are the responsible parties for the biggest metropolitan park in the State of Israel' It stretches over 3,800 acres and provides sports and recreational activities .Recently, the managing parties initiated a project of raising awareness to matters of ecology and nature preservation.

 For example, rehabilitation projects of rare ecosystems are taking place. This process is being promoted with active participation of the residents by seedling, planting local plans and wild orchard trees ,as an active tool for strengthening the ecological corridors within the park. Another unique project is combine sheep grazing for herbarium management, in extensive areas of the park.

All These activities are integrated into community educational activities


By implementing these activities, we offer our residents a place for sports and recreation activities, as well as an opportunity to be inspired by nature and enjoy it.