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Blue/Green Infrastructure Transforming Liveability

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Adrian Gray, Brimbank City Council (AUS)


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Adrian Gray is the Manager of Urban Design at Brimbank City Council and the current Victorian State President for the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects. He was the inaugural Chair of Greening The West from 2013-2015. He has been a Landscape Architect since 1995 and since 2008 he has been leading a major transformation of the public realm in Brimbank.


Abstract title


Blue/Green Infrastructure Transforming Liveability




Brimbank City Council has been transforming the public realm since 2008 with the initial focus on creating quality public places. Key strategies, partnerships and integrated design have enabled significant Federal, State and Local Government funding to create a liveable and sustainable public realm.


Through this transformation, green and blue infrastructure have become crucial components that seek to green and cool public infrastructure and places with the aim to mitigate heatwave. The value and role of these components has been reconsidered.


This presentation will focus on how integrated strategy, design and partnerships have driven design disciplines to lead the creation of social infrastructure that supports liveability, sustains human health while increasing biodiversity in the urban landscape. Actions such as tree placement and water management in public places, planning scheme changes dictating trees for private places, are increasing the capacity of the urban landscape to support Human Thermal Comfort.