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$300 million – Funding & Future-proofing

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Karen Jones, NSW Office of Sport (AUS)


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Karen Jones is a planner by profession with 20 years’ experience working in local government, private industry, and NSW government, but her passion lies within the sporting environment watching and participating in various sports.  Karen over sees the Sports Infrastructure Group and has been with the Office of Sport for just over 12 months.


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$300 million – Funding & Future-proofing




District Sport Facility Plans provide the opportunity to understand the state of existing sport infrastructure and the facility needs of the future for greater Sydney. The preparation of the plans includes identifying the pressures and needs of Councils and Sports and identifying current opportunities for future facility provision.

The methodology (underpinning) the District Sports Facility Plans has been developed from a detailed data capture and analysis of:

•          the current provision sporting facilities

•          sports participation data provided by state sporting organisations

•          population data and growth projections

•          national and international trends within sport

•          facility capacity benchmarks, and

•          adaptability to future proof investment in the industry. 

Once completed, the District Sport Facility Plans will provide an evidence base for investment by government and others that aligns with land use, population and need. The Plans will enable informed future planning and investment that will complement the both population and participation growth.