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Transforming how people experience parks - EcoPods

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Stuart Hughes, Parks Victoria (AUS)


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Coming soon....


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Transforming how people experience parks - EcoPods




Parks Victoria is working to transform how more people can experience parks in new ways through custom-designed moveable ‘ecopods’. 

The ecopods are aimed at:

- Attracting new audiences by providing access and experiences relevant to their needs

- Extend Victoria’s seasons – allowing visitors to stay in parks during cooler months

- Increase regional dispersal, length of stay and expenditure in support of regional economies

- Provide business opportunities for Victoria’s eco-tourism industry

-  Support park conservation outcomes via the re-investment of revenue into parks

The experiences could also include a tailored package of activities. These might range from nature and conservation-based activities, to outdoor pursuits, to relaxation and mindfulness, plus gourmet experiences that could support local businesses and tourism groups.

Fundamentally the ecopods are aimed at changing how society sees the value and opportunity to be immersed in nature in a new, accessible way