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Optimising Sports Field Maintenance

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Michael De Luca, Syngenta (AUS)


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Michael has a broad background in sports fields and open space management. He draws on a range of industry sectors including Golf, Sports fields, Racing and community parks. His experiences as an Agronomist for NZSports Turf Institute & appointments with Sports Turf Research Institute as a Research Manager & Turfgrass Agronomist bring practical and technical support to deliver real outcomes.


Abstract title


Optimising sports field maintenance, considerations for creating tenders and schedules




Sports fields are a key part of a healthy, active community and delivering environmental and social benefits to all. Yet there is a continued pressure to deliver quality in the most cost-effective manner. To do this we must optimise our maintenance operations while increasing its functional resilience.

Solutions backed by research can optimise operations and deliver increased functionality of the sports surface. Full benefits of solutions are often not understood leading to outdated or historical options being implemented for the same result. Incorporation of plant growth regulators, season long pest and weed preventions options, correct nutrition can optimise sporting facilities. Programs that incorporate the following can deliver cost savings in maintenance, environmental benefits (i.e water saving), increased surface performance and durability, reduced maintenance interventions and improved sports field durability. Incorporating these solutions, we must continue to work smarter to meet expectations.