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Jayne Miller (US)


Jayne Miller

President & CEO, The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy (February 2018 – present) and former Superintendent, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (November 2010 – February 2018)


Speaker Profile

Jayne is the recently elected new Chair of World Urban Parks. Since February 2018 she has been the President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy (PPC), a U.S nationally recognized parks conservancy. The PPC was founded in 1996 by a group of citizens concerned with the deteriorating conditions of Pittsburgh’s historic city parks.  Since 1998, the PPC has worked closely with the City of Pittsburgh under an official public-private partnership agreement to restore the city’s four regional parks.  To date, the PPC has raised over $105M for Pittsburgh parks and has completed 17 major improvement projects.  Currently active in 22 parks, the PPC has expanded into community and neighborhood parks throughout Pittsburgh.  The PPC is poised to raise its profile even further; working with the City for a parks referendum in 2018 and creating a unified governance structure with the PPC being responsible for management, operations and development of all Pittsburgh parks. 


Abstract Title

U.S. Park Systems: Minneapolis and Pittsburg – Old and New Models



Minneapolis, MN and Pittsburgh, PA began developing parks in the late 1880’s during the industrial revolution that shaped each city.  The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board developed a system of parks with strong public funding that is still enjoyed today.  Pittsburgh parks were developed individually across the city as grand public spaces but began facing challenges in the 1950’s and saw dramatic decline for over 20 years beginning in 1980.  The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy was established in 1996 to revitalize Pittsburgh parks and has raised close to $110M to improve the park conditions. The Conservancy is about to enter a new and expanded role, through an extensive public-private partnership, the first of its kind in the United States.   



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