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Increasing physical activity through active recreation

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Phil Jones, Sport and Recreation Victoria (AUS)


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Phil Jones is the Manager, Strategic Planning and Projects at Sport and Recreation Victoria. Phil began his career in the commercial music industry before joining the Victorian Government’s arts funding and advisory body, Arts Victoria. Phil joined Sport and Recreation Victoria in 2008 and managed the Physical Activity team from 2010 to 2015.


Abstract title


Increasing physical activity through active recreation




The way people engage with sport and recreation is changing. Active recreation represents 80 per cent of time spent participating in exercise, sport and recreation. Activities that are casual, social rather than competitive, time flexible and allow for personal goals and definitions of success are increasing popular.

Currently, 3.2 million Victorians are not physically active enough to achieve health benefits. As the population grows and diversifies, so will the number who are insufficiently active and the resulting costs.

However, research undertaken by Sport and Recreation Victoria indicates that almost three quarters of insufficiently active Victorians are contemplating, preparing or trying to be more active. This has significant implications to inform a behaviour change based approach to increasing physical activity through demand driven active recreation opportunities, including a focus on ensuring the availability, accessibility and promotion of places, spaces, environments, infrastructure and facilities that enable them.

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