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Human Health Impacts

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Paul Barber, ArborCarbon Pty Ltd (AUS)


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Board member of several companies in Australia, Hong Kong and the UK. Adjunct Associate Professor at Murdoch University and member of the Hong Kong Government's Urban Forest Advisory Panel. Passionate about using his expertise in remote sensing, forest pathology, and urban forestry to develop innovative solutions for sustainable management of green infrastructure in cities.


Abstract title


Using cutting edge airborne imaging and ground-based sensing technology to combat urban greening, heat and human health impacts




The liveability of our cities is heavily reliant upon the sustainable management and maintenance of green spaces and places with increasing population. These green spaces play a critical role in the reduction of urban heat and physical activity of people. At present most managers rely upon irregular, reactive and subjective monitoring of their quantity and quality. There is a great need for LGAs to adopt an alternative approach using available satellite and airborne imaging technologies and ground-based sensors to set realistic (not idealistic) targets for cover and condition of vegetation, measure progress against these targets, and determine whether existing policies and strategies are effective. This paper will present case studies of numerous projects we have undertaken across the Asia Pacific region using innovative technologies to provide early warning of impacts to the cover and condition of vegetation, and quantify green spaces in cities and how they relate to human health.