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Growing Greener Parks

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Mark Bowater, Auckland Council (NZ)


Speaker Profile


Mark is the Head of Parks Services for Auckland Council, overseeing a service portfolio of over 4,000 parks and 165 professional parks staff. Mark is a champion for sustainability, and is passionate about the value parks contribute to city liveability. Mark is also a Board member and the Chair of the NZ Recreation Association, and an accredited recreation professional (ARPro).


Abstract title


Growing  Greener Parks




Auckland is a city undergoing rapid growth. It is also a lifestyle city that ranks highly on city liveability. Auckland Council is embracing new and innovative approaches in park design, sustainability and research, to inform and contribute to a better, healthier, more sustainable future. This presentation will profile the development of green infrastructure guidelines for sports parks, the use of new community - level hybrid sports pitches (a first in Australasia),  innovative research on low carbon parks, the use of infrastructure sustainability rating tools for a major park project (a first in New Zealand), and the design of a new sustainable park on a greenfield site (another first in New Zealand).  Collectively these projects showcase the role parks should play in contributing positively to city liveability, a low carbon future, and responding to climate change - it's about growing greener parks.