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Green Infrastructure for a resilient future

Speaker Name


Ian Shears, City of Melboure (AUS)


Speaker Profile


Ian Shears has specialized in green infrastructure and urban landscape management for over 20 years.  Ian has developed some of Australia’s most progressive environmental strategies: Urban Forest Strategy, Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.  This approach was awarded the Adaptation and Resilience Award, C40 and Siemens  Climate Leadership Awards 2014,  AILA 2016 AILA National Award and  the AILA Victoria Medal 2014.


Abstract title


Unleashing nature – Green Infrastructure for a resilient future.




Melbourne today is facing significant environmental, social and economic challenges which we believe can be largely remedied by reinvigorating nature in our urban landscapes.

Identifying how the city can support greening in many forms provides multiple inspirations for us. Holistic thinking that transcends jurisdictional boundaries will enable collective responses that will unleash the potential of the city as part of an ecosystem that can regenerate and evolve as a living organism. This presentation will outline our recognition of the fundamental role of green infrastructure as a provider of environmental services that can cool the city, improve the health and wellbeing of the community and the liveability of the city