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Drone zones in Brisbane parks

Speaker Name


Lisa Swartz, Brisbane City Council (AUS)


Speaker Profile


Lisa Swartz is an open space planner with Brisbane City Council with extensive experience in park and recreation planning in both the public and private sectors.

She has most recently been involved in developing and implementing policy for Brisbane City Council relating to management and regulation of activities in parks, including higher risk activities such as flying drones.


Abstract title


Drone zones in Brisbane parks




In December 2017 Brisbane City Council commenced a trial of 10 sites in parks across the city where residents can fly drones for fun without Council consent, as a direct response to the increasing number of enquiries from the community about this activity.

Council’s Public Lands and Council Assets Local Law 2014 allows Council to designate areas in parks for higher risk activities, so Council seized the opportunity to meet an emerging recreation need whilst managing its impacts through identifying and designating spaces for flying drones. Council consulted with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority in setting up the trial.

This presentation will take the audience through Council’s current rules and regulations relating to flying drones in parks and the site selection process. It will cover the issues that emerged during the trial, the process Council used to assess the success of the trial, and how Council proceeded following the trial.