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Creating spaces/places for sport and active recreation

Speaker Name


Phil Jones, Sport and Recreation Victoria (AUS)


Speaker Profile


Phil Jones is the Manager, Strategic Planning and Projects at Sport and Recreation Victoria. Phil began his career in the commercial music industry before joining the Victorian Government’s arts funding and advisory body, Arts Victoria. Phil joined Sport and Recreation Victoria in 2008 and managed the Physical Activity team from 2010 to 2015.


Abstract title


Creating spaces/places for sport and active recreation in highly urbanised settings




Sport and active recreation is an essential part of the Victoria’s culture and our sense of identity. Melbourne is not only the sporting capital of Australia, but a renowned ‘sporting city’ internationally. This presentation will draw on case examples such as Albert Park precinct, Fisherman’s Bend and Melbourne Park Precinct redevelopment to outline Victoria’s approach in strengthening community social, economic and health and wellbeing outcomes through investment in sport and active recreation infrastructure.


Currently, almost 60 per cent of adults and over 80 per cent of children (aged 5-17) in Victoria are not active enough. Over the next four decades Victoria’s population is projected to almost double to over 10 million1. If the proportion of insufficiently active Victorians remains unchanged this will mean 6.4 million Victorians will not be sufficiently active. The impact on these peoples’ own health and the economic and social cost to Victoria will be immense.