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But why can't I play squash outdoors

Speaker Name


Stephanie Yoon, Squash Australia (AUS)


Speaker Profile


Stephanie is a young sports management professional that has been involved with Squash since graduating. She has worked across several areas of the sport, including her involvement in the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. Her focus is now on increasing Squash participation through the modernisation of Squash facilities.


Abstract title


But Why Cant I Play Squash Outdoors?




Squash has long been a sport which has been hidden away being played in venues unknown to local communities and potential participants. Squash Australia is challenging the traditional views of ‘where’ and ‘how’ squash should be played by developing outdoor squash facilities which aim to increase the visibility of the sport and in turn attracting the next generation of squash participants to the game. This is a great concept which sports, council and other organisations can adopt to make a significant contribution to public spaces.

This presentation will look at innovative outdoor squash solutions being delivered both in Australia and abroad, we will also look at the how to activate these community spaces by connecting communities.