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Backing Leisure to Win


Peter Nicholls, Australia's People Gardener (AUS)


Grad. Dip Recreation Planning, University of Canberra 1976; Life Member Parks and Leisure Australia Past National President of the (then) Royal Australian Institute of Parks and Recreation.  Reinvented myself in 2003 as a Lifestyle Mentor under the business title of Australia's People Gardener (Growing Better People). Author of  three books.

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Backing Leisure to Win


The benefits of leisure are still not widely appreciated by non-users of parks and leisure facilities and programs.  While the nature and benefits of creative leisure interests haven’t changed, the changes in life pressures, pace, technology and stress have dramatically increased leisure’s potential for energizing the mind, body and spirit.   Creative leisure experiences are now effectively nature’s stress manager with direct benefits for positive human behaviour, improving the quality of mental fitness, work life balance, personal growth and for ageing well. The parks and leisure movement –world wide – has the knowledge, experience , leadership and passion to advance the cause of parks and leisure on these desperately needed battle fronts.  It’s not so much a question of finding additional resources for this but rather to review our strategies that more effectively increase the awareness of organisations already fighting the debilitating effects of modern living .

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