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An Industry Parks Specification - why reinvent the wheel?

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Christopher Rutherford, Xyst Ltd (NZ)


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Chris is the founder of the leading Australasian Parks and Community Facilities Consulting Company Xyst Ltd. With offices across NZ and in Brisbane and Melbourne Chris travels a lot working on a wide range of consulting projects. He is the architect of the Yardstick Benchmarks project and Directs this project in Europe and Canada from his office in Tauranga NZ.


Abstract title


An industry parks specification - why reinvent the wheel ?




NZ has developed a national parks specification through collaboration with public body client officers and parks and open spaces contractors. Previously each organisation has developed its own specification and "reinvented the wheel" each time it develops a park and open spaces contract. The new specification provides consistently, provides options for various levels of service and can be used for either a specific asset type such as roadside grass cutting or across a wide range of open space maintenance tasks. Chris, the instigator and leader of the project will share the specification detail and how organisations are starting to apply it successfully.