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A New Way for the Participation Survey

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Martin Lambert, Otium Planning Group/ President - Parks and Leisure Australia, Gary Rauber, Sports Australia, Kylie Galway, NPSR (AUS)

Speaker Profiles

Martin has been consulting for 22+ years, the last 10 as a director of Strategic Leisure and now as a founding director of Otium Planning Group.  He has more than 30 years’ industry experience and has worked in all aspects of the industry for public and private sector clients. 

Dr Kylie Galway has more than 20 years of experience working in government in the research, evaluation, data analytics, policy and planning sectors. As Manager of Research and Analysis for Sport and Recreation with the Queensland Government, Kylie is responsible for the Queensland Exercise, Sport and Recreation Survey for Adults for 2015, 2016 and 2018 and has an equivalent survey for children 2018 nearing completion. These data sets have provided invaluable evidence for the Queensland Government in shaping policy, programs, products and services.

Gary is a Senior Research Consultant for Sports Australia. He is part of a team that manages AusPlay, the largest and most comprehensive sport and physical activity participation survey ever conducted in Australia. He helps sport and government to understand the participation landscape and make data-driven decisions.


Abstract title

A New Way for the Participation Survey



How to plan for the best use of sport and recreation facilities is a crucial decision for local governments and planners.  Which activities are most popular, what facilities will provide the best participation outcomes and most importantly where do we put them?

To answer these questions a wide variety of methods are used and because everyone seems to do it slightly differently we can't accurately benchmark, compare or learn a great deal, even across demographically comparable communities.  Reinventing the wheel can also be expensive and some traditional survey approaches may not provide the most accurate results.  This presentation will introduce a new, common method for participation surveys designed with local governments in mind, will explore the benefits of using a common method and discuss the potential to establish an industry driven National participation data set.  This project has been led by PLA and supported by key Federal and State agencies.

Later Event: October 16