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Technical Tour - Yarra Bend Park

Located close to central Melbourne, Yarra Bend Park is home to the largest and most intact natural bushland near the city.  Covering 265ha including approximately 12km of the scenic Yarra River, Yarra Bend Park attracts more than 1.5 million visits per year providing extensive recreation opportunities in natural and semi-natural settings. Facilities include sporting fields, a riverside cafe, an 18-hole golf course, cycling and walking trails and substantial picnic and off-lead dog walking areas. The park hosts diverse events from weddings to charitable fun runs with often over 1000 participants. The Yarra River slowly meanders through this natural setting and is popular for fishing, kayaking and rowing. The Main Yarra Trail, one of Melbourne‚Äôs busiest shared trails, traverses the park, providing links to adjacent suburbs and Melbourne Central Business District.  On this tour you will see the diversity of what the park has to offer. A special highlight will be a visit to Bellbird Picnic Ground, the home of a grey-headed flying-fox (bat) colony. This is an opportunity to view the flying-fox colony and enjoy an onsite briefing.  The flying-foxes began roosting at Yarra Bend Park in 2003 and it has been identified as one of the most suitable sites for a flying-fox campsite in Melbourne.  The site provides one of the best opportunities to protect and provide for the species while minimizing conflicts between flying-foxes and people.  Over Summer the colony can swell to over 30,000 individuals including young. 

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